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Beef Steak


A Kingston Tradition Since 1960

Dine in, take out and delivery service

Soups & Salads


French Fries    7.00

French Fries with Gravy     8.00

Poutine     11.00

Italian Poutine    12.00

Mozzarella Sticks     11.00

Breaded Mushrooms     10.00

Onion Rings     10.00

Garlic Bread with Cheese     8.50

             Deep Fried Pickles  8.50


Soup of the Day    6.75

French Onion Soup     8.75

Julienne Salad Bowl     17.00

ham, turkey, roast beef & cheese

                Chef Salad with     12.50

Hard Boiled Egg

Caesar Salad     12.50

Chicken Caesar Salad     18.00

Greek Salad     14.00

Chicken Salad Plate     13.00

Served 7:00 am - 11:00 am
Monday - Saturday

Breakfast Special     13.00

two eggs any style with bacon, ham or sausage,

homefries & toast with tea or coffee

Meat Loves Eggs Benedict     18.25

two eggs poached with peameal bacon, regular bacon and ham

on an English muffin, topped with homemade

hollandaise sauce / served with homefries 

Plain Omelette    12.25

3 Cheese Omelette     13.75

Ham & Cheese Omelette     13.25

Supreme Omelette  14.75

           Vegetable Omelette   14.00

Western Omelette  14.00

Mushroom and Cheese Omelette  13.25     

Sausage, Peppers and Mozzarella Omelette 13.75

Peameal Bacon with two eggs 13.50

Above orders served with homefries & toast

(Except Eggs Benedict)

Toast    2.00

Bagel     2.50

Bagel with Cream Cheese     3.50

All-Day Breakfast
Jiffy Favourites


       Ham, Bacon or Sausage     11.00

with one egg 

       Ham, Bacon or Sausage     13.00

with two eggs

    Peameal Bacon with two eggs     13.50

Eggs Benedict  with Peameal Bacon   15.50


3 Cheese Omelette     13.75


Western Omelette     14.50

          Mushroom & Cheddar     14.00


Vegetable Omelette     14.50

          Spinach & Cheddar or         14.25

Feta Omelette

Supreme Omelette     15.25

 Above orders served with homefries & toast

Pancakes     13.00

 Pancakes with Ham,     16.00

Bacon  or Sausage

  French Toast with     13.00

Fresh Fruit

add ham, bacon or sausage     +3.00

8 oz Steak with two eggs     19.95

any style

with homefries, toast & tea or coffee

Hungry Man's Breakfast     17.25

 two eggs any style with bacon, ham, sausage,

homefries & toast with tea or coffee



Club House Sandwich     17.95

sliced turkey, bacon, tomato,

lettuce with french fries & coleslaw

Smoked Meat Deluxe    16.95

served on rye bread with dill pickle,

mustard, french fries & coleslaw

Reuben Sandwich     17.50

smoked meat, ham, Swiss cheese and

sauerkraut with french fries & coleslaw

Chicken Parmesan Sandwich     18.00

hand breaded chicken breast smothered

in homemade tomato sauce topped with mozzarella

cheese / served with french fries & coleslaw

Philly Cheese Steak Sandwich     17.50

with Fried Onions   

peppers and mushrooms

served with french fries & coleslaw

The Beef Dip     18.50

slow roasted top sirloin beef piled on a ciabatta bun,

covered with melted Swiss cheese and homemade au jus

dipping sauce / served with french fries & coleslaw

Chicken Fingers Deluxe     16.754

with french fries & coleslaw

Beer Battered Haddock    16.50

with tartar sauce, lemon, 

french fries & coleslaw

Chicken Caesar Wrap     15.75

with french fries & coleslaw

Vegetable Quesadilla    12.50

with sour cream & salsa

Chicken Quesadilla     15.00

with sour cream & salsa



Hot Turkey    18.75

 all white meat    + 2.75

Hot Beef     19.00

Hot Hamburg     16.75

 Above sandwich orders served with

a choice of potato or vegetables

Chicken Salad     8.25

Egg Salad     8.00

Grilled Cheese     6.75

Grilled Cheese with     8.50

Bacon or Ham

BLT    9.00

Peameal, Lettuce & Tomato     9.50

Fried Egg & Bacon or Ham     7.50

Western     8.25

Roast Turkey     9.50

Roast Beef     9.50

Hot Dog with Mustard & Relish     5.50

 add cheese or tomato     +75¢

 Add a small tossed or Caesar salad 

to the above order     +6. 00

Off the Grill


Veggie Burger    8.25

Veggie Deluxe Burger    14.00

           Jiffy Grill's Popular     13.75

Hot Hamburger Nip

with french fries, gravy & coleslaw

Hamburger     8.00

with relish, mustard, sliced tomato &


Hamburger Deluxe     13.00

with french fries & coleslaw

Chicken Burger     9.25

with tomato, lettuce &


Chicken Burger Deluxe     14.25

with french fries & coleslaw

Cheeseburger     8.50

with relish, mustard,

sliced tomato & onion

Cheeseburger Deluxe     13.25

with french fries & coleslaw

Jiffy Burger     9.00

choice ground beef with creamy

melted cheese,bacon, relish,

mustard, sliced tomato & onion

Jiffy Burger Deluxe     14.50

with french fries & coleslaw

French Dip burger    18.00

7 oz burger, topped with swiss cheese and grilled onions/ on a ciabatta bun/ au jus to dip / served with

french fries & coleslaw


Cheese & Tomato Sauce

Small  17.00     Medium  20.25

Large  23.50     X-Large  25.75 


Pepperoni, Cheese & Sauce

Small  17.25    Medium  21.00   

Large  25.00    X-Large  26.75

Pepperoni, Mushrooms, Cheese & Sauce

Small  18.00     Medium  21.25 

Large  25.50     X-Large  27.00

Pepperoni, Mushrooms, Green Peppers,

Bacon, Cheese & Sauce

Small  19.25     Medium  23.00    

Large  26.75     X-Large  29.00


Pepperoni, Mushrooms, Green Peppers, Bacon,

Ham, Sausage, Green Olives, Cheese & Sauce

Small  21.25    Medium  25.25  

Large  2.950     X-Large  32.25


Tomatoes, Onions, Green Peppers,

Mushrooms, Green Olives, Cheese & Sauce

Small  19.25     Medium  24.00   

Large  26.00     X-Large  29.75


Pepperoni, Bacon, Ham,

Sausage, Cheese & Sauce

Small  20.00     Medium  24.75    

Large  28.00    X-Large  32.25


Ham, Pineapple, Cheese & Sauce

Small  17.75    Medium  20.75   

Large  24.25    X-Large  26.75



Grilled chicken, Green Peppers, Mushrooms,

Onions, Cheese & Sauce

Small 18.50   Medium 21.75

Large 26.00  X-Large 30.25

Extra Toppings

Small  1.50     Medium  1.75     

Large  2.00     X-Large  2.25



     Spaghetti & Meat Sauce   18.75

with Garlic Bread

      Chicken Parmesan with     21.00

Spaghetti & Garlic Bread

    Grilled Baby Beef Liver     18.50

with Onions

     Grilled Baby Beef Liver     19.5

with Bacon

Salisbury Steak     19.00

with Fried Onions

New York Steak Dinner     21.00

with Onions & Mushrooms

Roast Turkey Dinner     20.00

with Cranberries

all white meat    + 2.75

New York Steak Sandwich topped   24.00

with Onions and Peppers

 Above orders are served with a roll (except for pastas and the sandwich) & butter

and a choice of coffee or tea and rice pudding

Substitute potatoes for a choice of salad

for +3.75 on any of the above Entrées

Kids Menu

Ages 12 & Under


Fruit Juice   3.25

apple, orange, cranberry

lemonade or iced tea

Tomato Juice     3.00

Coffee     2.99

Tea     2.99

Milk     2.75

Chocolate Milk     2.75

Milkshake     5.99

Bottle Water     2.25

Soda Pop     3.25

Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, 7 UP, Ginger Ale, 

Orange Crush, Root Beer and Pepsi Zero


Chicken Fingers     7.75

Spaghetti     8.25

(with choice of Meat Sauce, Tomato Sauce, or plain with butter and parmesan)

Chocolate Chip Pancakes     7.75

French Toast     7.75

Pepperoni Pizza     8.25

Cheese Pizza     7.25


Coconut Creme or Apple Pie $6.25
Assorted cake $6.75
Rice Pudding $3.00


   Coors Light     7.25


Molson Canadian     7.25

Keith's     7.25

Steam Whistle    7.25

Spearhead Breweries     6.75

MacKinnon Brothers     6.75


  Jackson-Triggs Chardonnay     

5 oz glass     6.99

1/2 litre     12.99

750 ml bottle     21.99

Jackson-Triggs Cabernet Sauvignon

5 oz glass     6.99

1/2 litre     12.99

750 ml bottle     21.99

Liquor & Cocktails


   Bar Shots     6.50

Smirnoff vodka, Bacardi rum,

Canadian Club rye & Tanqueray gin


 Screwdriver     $7.00 Smirnoff vodka and Orange Juice


Bloody Caesar   8.00


Baileys & Coffee    7.50

Topped with whipped cream and a dab of chocolate sauce

 Long Island Iced Tea     8.50

Smirnoff vodka, Bacardi rum,

Canadian Club rye & Tanqueray gin, topped with pepsi


 White Russian     7.00

vodka, Kahlua & cream


Alabama Slammer     8.00

gin, Southern Comfort,

amaretto & orange juice

- Licensed under LCBO -

Burger Double


Odessa hours 7am-7pm Monday- Saturday
8am-3pm Sunday

West end  Kingston -7-7pm Sunday
7am-8pm Monday-Saturday

Check the Jiffy Grill facebook page for daily specials!



The Jiffy Grill has been owned by Farida Hussain since 1992 when she purchased the original Kingston Centre location.  She expanded the restaurant in 1994 to the west end of the city to the then named Sentry Plaza Restaurant. In 2010, a third location was opened in Odessa. Farida's son, Mohamed, entered the family business

in 1994 and has been a permanent fixture since 2010. 


The Hussain family's passion for high-quality food, customer service and presentation are the essential reasons why they have been in this business for decades. 



2395 Princess Street

Dine in, Takeout & Delivery

Delivery fee varies by location

New Hours March 1

Monday - Saturday: 7:00 am-8:00 pm
Sunday: 7 am - 7 pm

146 Main Street

Dine in and


 New Hours March 1

Monday - Saturday: 7am - 7


Sunday 8am - 3pm

Gift certificates available at both Locations

Fresh Pizzas
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